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The shame of being unemployed. Part 2

Here’s the second article I wrote on being unemployed.

Being unemployed really isn’t fun and the days can easily get long and very boring. It doesn’t have to be like that. I personally started off my days as newly unemployed after losing my job due to its relocation by sleeping in, watching TV and generally being quite lazy. It was absolutely wonderful for the first couple of weeks. I did have a social life to, so it wasn’t too bad, but suddenly I found myself moody, restless and getting more and more depressed every day and I figured that something had to change.

First of all, I sat down to identify what I missed about my working life and my main points were:
-social interaction.
-the feeling of having achieved something and being counted on to achieve it.
-Relax after a long day of work.

So, I came to the conclusion that I somehow needed to recreate this in this temporary stage of my life. And I highly recommend these tips if you are currently looking for work and need some purpose to your day in the meantime.

In my previous article I praised volunteering because it gives you a sense of having a job even though you don’t get paid. To get some ideas on what you can do, please read it:

Get a morning ritual. Yeah, it may sound funky and a bit new age, but it really works. I am a Christian, but realised I don’t know the bible that well. So I set myself a challenge to get up no later than 07:30 every morning to do some reading, reflection and praying. And I had a deal with one of my working friends to text and see if I was up. That way I was accountable to someone and this morning ritual has given me lots of positivity plus more time to do job hunting, writing, record my music etc. Also, I know a lot more about my faith which is very helpful in my position as a Christian youth leader.

Your morning ritual can be whatever you want. It can be writing a diary, do some exercise, anything as long as you feel like it gives you a boost. And if it includes some kind of self reflection, it’s even better. Reflect on things like your goals, your dreams, how to reach them, how far you have come in reaching them, anything, but keep it positive. Otherwise this is counterproductive. Having someone in the beginning to be accountable to is also good because it will motivate you to see it through.

Take up a new hobby. I like the feeling of accomplishing something new and therefore I decided to learn a foreign language. Audible have many good ones if you find classess inaccessible, or there are plenty of other things you can do out there. A Thai cooking course, singing lessons, or learning to play an instrument. You might be unemployed, but the good thing is that now you have the time to get good at something you’ve always wanted to learn, maybe even something you can add to your CV? And it inevitably makes the day more fun.

Socialise. You are not the only one who is unemployed and chances are you have a friend in the same situation. Why not meet at each others house and do applications together? You can help each other along the way and two is always better than one.

Finally, get organised. Sure, you’ve got the whole day, but taking breaks in the activities you are doing or not planning them will result in you only doing half the things you planned to do. So write a timetable or a to do list including how much time to spend on each thing that needs doing.

These are all simple little tips that will make a massive difference to your day and your purpose, confidence and security.

Life as an unemployed is not something you should seek, but do all these little things and your days may not be so bad after all.