If writing and singing were two men, I’d have to marry both of them at the same time. I simply love them equally.

I knew I wanted to be a singer and writer since I was a child. I wrote short stories and songs that I got everyone in my family to read and listen too.

I am also into journalism and radio presenting.

I interviewed famous Norwegian authors from the age of twelve, I had my first magazine article published at fourteen and have performed in church and on stage since I was very little. I have also performed for members of the Norwegian and Japanese royal families.

When I reached university age, I decided to focus on journalism and writing and did a Bachelor’s course in Journalism at Edinburgh Napier University. I hadn’t given up singing. I did drama and musical theatre while at university, but I had pushed it to the back of my mind after an unfortunate experience with a producer that discouraged me.

I started working for the BBC in London where I was happy, but I still couldn’t forget my love of music. So I got in touch with a reggae producer in London since reggae was my first music love.

However, this too fell through when I had to move back to Norway for family reasons. I was convinced that I would do no more music. Just writing.

But while I was studying for my master in Nordic Media at the University of Oslo, a good friend and old colleague from the BBC got in touch. He asked if I was still singing and when I told him the music industry wasn’t for me, he told me not to give up that easily.

Together we put out the reggae material I’d recorded in London on Soundcloud and I got a lot of good response, especially from Nigeria.

While I lived in London, I had discovered afrobeat and Nigerian music. I loved it and had a desire to become part of this industry. However, with the bad press Nigeria has received in the west, going there was a scary prospect.

But my first manager and label persuaded me that Nigeria was safe and that I was in good hands. So after a lot of thinking, I finally flew to Lagos where I recorded a few songs.

I am now signed to Sweetlife Records in Nigeria and I have recorded songs with popular names in the industry such as Oritse Femi, Emma Nyra and Lace.

I have received one nomination for the Nigerian Entertainment Award in New York City ad diaspora artist of the year.

I have been known to the Nigerian public for less than a year, and I am grateful at how far I’ve come in this short space of time. Though this is just the tip of the tip of the iceberg.

My music, are also starting to enjoy popularity in the Nigerian diaspora throughout the world as well as with non-Nigerians.