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This blog unintentionally started out as a blog about various issues related to blindness. I’m blind from birth due to a detached optic nerve and I’m surprised at how little regular people know about the world of the blind. It’s really quite similar to the world of the sighted. I’ve never seen, but that’s what I imagine. And I think it’s important that people learn that we are fully independent and participating on all levels of society. And that we’re just as capable as anyone else.

My blog talks about all aspects of my life, as well as whatever else I may feel like discussing.
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11 thoughts on “About the blog

  1. Hi Linn,

    I enjoyed going through your blog, it’s really an enjoyable read, so, thank you 🙂

    I’m Egyptian, atheist, and a sighted person, however, I have a passion for language learning, and I went through a life-changing experience involving language learning, Norway, the Norwegian language, blindness, and faith.

    Without going into derails, this experience almost drove me insane.

    I’d like to relate this experience to you, and ask you for advice, would that be possible?

    If it’s possible, please indicate so in a comment.

    Thank you,

    1. Marhaba Ahmad!
      I am so sorry I never responded, but your comment got lost in some spam from religious nutters that I did not want to publish. Anyways, your experience sounds very intriguing ang I’m wondering what type of advice you’re looking for.
      I used to be quite good at Arabic, but I haven’t practiced for a long time. I think it would come back to me if I did however. I have one really good Egyptian friend and one Norwegian friend living in cairo. Nice country and so full of history!
      Linn 🙂

  2. Hi Linn,

    I came across your blog when I was searching for beautiful places in Norway. Fjord for example.
    At first I was unaware that you were blind then once I continued to read your post, I was filled with questions, like those from typical people you have had experience with. But above all, I couldn’t help but notice that your writings and words itself..it’s filled with kindness… And I really enjoyed reading your posts maybe because all your posts are different which is what kept me interested… so I had to send you a message!!!

    Lots of love from Hong Kong,

  3. Hi Linn, I just ran across your blog, and particularly enjoyed the blog on male-female friendships. I am a 61 year old male and best friend is a woman named Mary, whom I first met in junior high. So we have known each other 48 years, though we didn’t really get to know each other until we worked together on our 40th high school reunion 4 years ago. Something clicked between us and we just became extremely close, sharing thoughts, emotions, and more. She is in a 16 year relationship herself and my wife knows she is my best friend, and Mary’s daughter knows how close we are. We find each other attractive, and we tell each other we love each other and we DO, in a platonic way. I’ve always believed people come into your life at the precise moment they are supposed to, Mary came into my life shortly after my best friend Keith passed away. She is a great gal and I wouldn’t trade our relationship for anything. We used to meet for lunch regularly before I retired to Florida, but every time I visit Missouri, Mary & I have lunch. We truly care for one another, and I can’t imagine Mary not being a part of my life. So yes it is possible to have an opposite sex best friend

  4. Have been doing a search on blogs to see if anyone out there was talking about living with vision loss and especially how faith played into it. Interesting to see yours and it is the first I have come across in my search. I have been thinking about writing a blog and wanted to see if anyone else was blogging on these things. You intrique me honestly. My husband is losing his sight and is legally blind but still has a bit of sight left. We have been living in Eastern Europe for over 20 years but are from the US. Our faith in Christ has been a very real source of strength, peace, and hope in our journey with vision loss. Glad to find your blog.

    1. Hi Ann,
      Thanks for kind comment. There are not a lot of writing out there quite like my blog. Not to say that my blog is unique, but I’m glad to have created something people want to read about. Of course all posts are not gonna be relevant for everybody, but I think I am covering a few different topics which suit different people.
      I’m glad to hear that you are finding strength in your faith to cope with something like sight loss. It is probably not a very easy ting to have to deal with, so every positive source of strength, be it faith or something else, to help you cope is essential.

  5. Hi I am curious about blind people being attracted to their significant other. Ok I am not blind nor visually impaired I, despite being 40 have not only a normal sight but an acute vision that can be useful to someone who needs help even my mother who is 60 lost some sight she asks me to read for her which I do. Especially newspapers since she is a political figure. Her brother is partially sighted but still drives, he lost his sight in one eye before his marriage to his wife, my aunt, he still even today are so in love, anyway lets get to my question…. ummm rather I am going to start in a stupid way as I cant put the words correctly so please do bare with me dear friend, well, if a blind man shakes hand with you and has only a brief conversation but he is the one who mainly talks, this person is totally blind but percieves only light no people or objects. You go home you email him because you find he is a smart person. He is not shy to describe his disability to the public. And it makes you more wanting to know about this person. However he emails once, remember its a twice meeting on business, the next time I saw him I didnt have time to talk to this person again my parents say he is a very busy person and all the time serving the public on political standards, so not much time for email accept for the ones that has to do with the job. Well after he sent one email I emailed again but I never got a reply though he said to my parents or rather he replied to my mother that its no problem for him to have me as his friend and that I was free to email. The other night my parents talked to him at a gethering he never mentioned the email I last sent to him. Do you think that such person is simply saying indirectly that he is not attracted despite just a short conversation of 3 mins and my 2 emails to him which he never answered? Or is it really he has no time for female friendships? All his friends are around 60, I am just a year older than this 38 year old dude, I am just interested to have a blind friend as I would like to know more about being blind, being sighted has its disadvantages, I will tell you about them in my next post as I have written much. I think youre a busy woman but I would have liked to be your epal, if so let me know. Grace

  6. Hi, Linn,

    I recently stumbled onto one of your older posts in a search for advice regarding romance between a blind person and a sighted one, and I found it to be a very informative gem in a sea of irrelevant hits. As it is an older post, I think my question was buried in the sea of entries past that point, so I hope you don’t mind me re-posting it here where it may be more visible.

    As you’re probably aware, conventional methods of attracting a person’s notice and expressing interest are heavily dependent on sight based cues to determine whether or not it is permissible to approach for a conversation. Being a sighted guy, I have no idea how to reach that point of initial conversation when the woman I am interested in happens to be blind. Forgive my cluelessness, but this is new territory for me, so I want to be sure that I don’t make any mistakes out of ignorance. Thanks for reading!

    1. Hello Brian,

      I got the inspiration to write that particular post after doing a google search and finding ‘guess whats’ and hear says’ and I’m glad other people find it interesting and useful as was the purpose.

      I don’t mind reposting an answer to your question. If you are interested in a blind woman, thhe only way to know whether it’s permissable to talk to her, is to approach her and say something. Maybe start by giving her a compliment on something she’s wearing, and ask if you can buy her a drink. If you’re not in a bar or cafe, ask if you can sit with her. Blind women know the game as well as anybody else, so she’ll understand that you’re probably interested in her. If she’s not interested, then she’ll let you know. If she says yes to initial drink and conversation offers, you just proceed.

      but the worst thing you can do, is talk about her blindness straight away. I personally find that a complete turn-off when I’m getting to know a man I’m interested in. So just talk about music, family, books, films, TV programs, your family, travelling, you get my drift. I’m not saying you can’t ask her anything about her blindness, but wait till either she brings it up, or if it for some reason becomes natural, then you can slip in a question or two. but just be casual about it.

      If you take things to the next level, there’s always lots of time to discuss blindness.

      One last thing. even though she may not be interested in talking of flirting with you, she will feel great about your polite approach. Every woman like to be noticed. I know from friends that I get lots of looks when I’m out, but it’s hard for me to value them unless the man let me know he finds me attractive.

      I hiope it helps. 🙂

  7. Hi linn

    I’m enjoying your blog! And this is the first blog I have ever replied to. Thank you for giving me useful insights will put them all into good use.

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