Self-improvement lesson 5. There is a time to talk and there is a time to shut up.

When something good happene

When something good happened to me, I used to have the urge to tell everyone who would and wouldn’t listen about it. A new boyfriend, a new job, even projects in the planning stage. I used to love getting praises from people about how well things were going for me.


There’s nothing wrong in sharing good news. But what I found so tiring about it was all the explaining I had to do when things didn’t go as I had planned or hoped. I hated having to tell what seemed like countless people about break-ups or why a certain plan hadn’t developed into fruition. And what I also realized, is that not everybody is always gonna be happy for you. Someone may be going through a hard time and might not want to hear about your amazing life. And instead of being grown-up about it, their envy comes through in bad ways.

So my conclusion is there is a time and a place to talk and there is most definitely a time and a place to shut up. This is true for everybody, but especially if you have a certain following and visibility. I talked about having someone look up to you that you may not know about in my previous post, and there might also be people out there who are jealous of your progress, good relationship or great job. So saying less is definitely better than saying too much to too many people. Just look at what happened to Kim Kardashian last week. And I could also mention other celebrities and even friends who have had good things in their life affected by being to public too often.


Keep your council and choose your confidents very carefully even when seeking advice.

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