Self-improvement lesson 3. Making that sacrifice

Nothing good comes easy and if it comes too easy, it’s probably not that good. These are very used up clichés, but clichés are clichés for a reason and this one seems to ring true. I don’t know anybody who has gotten whatever they need or want dumped in their lap without doing any work. It might seem like it sometimes, but the truth is, you never know what they went through to get their success.


I have a few people I look up to, who have really helped my development process through their material. Those recognitions will be a separate post. But what they all say is that they have not made good headway with themselves and their brands or projects without making some kind of sacrifice. Some swear by celibacy, or giving up drinking or smoking, while others who are not ready to make those kinds of commitments are sacrificing time they spend on general distractions dedicated to whatever it is they’re trying to achieve. The latter must be done anyway though. But the point is to temporarily, or indefinitely give up things that distracts you from putting in the required work, or demotivates you.


For me that is alcohol. I am not a big drinker, so it’s not like I don’t do what needs to be done because I drink too much. But I am someone who very easily gets depressed by alcohol, even if I’m in a good place. And when I have been feeling down after having a few drinks, and perhaps argued or had negative conversations with friends because of how I felt, I think about that a lot over days and my motivation is gone.


I am by no means giving up an occasional drink for the rest of my life. But for now, I need to stay focused and positive until I’ve been in that good place for long enough that I feel it’s ok to try and see how the drink affects me. Though if I like my alcohol free life, then that’s cool too. What’s less cool is that I’ve already had people asking if I’m pregnant. It’s funny, but says something about how deeply alcohol is embedded in our society. We shouldn’t have to defend not drinking it.


But if you feel that you can’t give up sex, alcohol or chocolate, I definitely would be miserable without chocolate, you should never force yourself to do that. If you want to try sacrificing something you feel is holding you back from achieving what you want, try something small, like less TV or Limited social media use, or anything you spend lots of time on. And start with a short period. Seven days is fine. And when those seven days are up, you can go on, or go back. You may feel stronger for just trying.


If you haven’t yet reached the stage where you feel any sacrifice is needed, that’s cool too. It may be that it doesn’t come for a long time. But that doesn’t make you less dedicated to what you do. Just know that hard work is needed whatever you choose or not choose to sacrifice.

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