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At the end of the day, I’m applying for personal freedom

I have decided to take the big step and get a personal assistant. If you know me in person you’re either thanking God or the universe, or you’re wondering if I hit my head on something and turned crazy.


This wasn’t an easy decision to make. I previously frowned upon blind people who chose to have a personal assistant and wrote them off as lazy and stupid enough to not be independent. I prided myself in not having to rely on assistance for doing anything. But what was starting to bug me more and more was the fact that although I definitely am very independent, and not just in a blindness sense, I do sometimes need help to do things and relying on friends just became less and less of a good solution. Sure friends help each other out, but how much and how often should you expect a friend to take his or her time to help with bits and pieces you can’t do yourself, such as filling out inaccessible forms, take you places you don’t memorize the routes too because you go there once every blue moon and help clean up after a party? Seeing as everyone has different opinions on how far the call of friendship goes there’s not a standard answer to this.


There’s also another reason I don’t want to rely on neither friends nor family for more than casual help that won’t require them to take too much time out of their schedule. It’s the issue of gratitude. Now, being grateful and thanking someone is not something I have a problem with. But I have ended up in situations where I’ve been perceived as ungrateful, as being too grateful or even thanking people in the wrong way.

With an assistant, those burdens are taken away from me. I employ someone who gets paid by the wonderful well fare state to do stuff with and for me and I don’t have to worry if I thanked them in the right way. And they are there to help me do things when I need them done. Not when it suits my friends.


Before I would have seen this as being less independent, but now I will argue that it increases my independence on many levels, because I wouldn’t have to rely on my loved ones to get things I find hard to do myself. And if that’s not freedom, I don’t know what is. Besides, shouldn’t every pop diva out there have a Personal assistant? 😉

Why I left Forever Living

I’m not afraid to change my mind and admit when I’ve made a mistake.


Six months ago, I started my side business as a distributor of Forever Living Products (FLP). I had several reasons for doing so. One of them was to try and make some extra cash on the side. Another was because whatever I did to try and get a job on the side to finance my music I just couldn’t get anywhere. So although I’ve said previously that it was the ethics of the company and the products, it was just because I felt I was hitting my head against a brick wall. However, I did really believe that then.


Before I go on, everything I said about my C9 experience on my blog is true. It was positive and I learned some new good habits. I also don’t hate the products, or my uplines. I left because of a few things.


Firstly, I felt increasingly unwilling to put in any work. I didn’t like seeing everybody as either potential customers or recruiters. So I wasn’t talking to people enough that my business had the potential to expand.


Secondly, I felt the stress of having to buy in some stock every month to stay active. I never bought more than I could use or sell to my few customers, but this also meant my monthly bonuses were too small to make a difference.


Thirdly, it was the products. They are not bad and I’ve had some good results with many of them, but, remember the post I wrote about L’Occitane? I’d rather spend money on a company that make their products accessible to me by Brailling them and who does so many things I stand for, like the projects in Africa and perfume school for blind teenagers. I know it’s kind of ridiculous to be so in love with a skin care company, but apart from producing excellent good smelling products, the accessibility factor means so much to me. Ok, I can never really make money out of using L’Occitane products, but my money goes to a worthy cause.


Finally, and this is the most important reason of them all, I am getting some new opportunities with both my music and my writing. I won’t say too much before I have some big news, but I have good things in the works. And those things take up enough time that I don’t feel like making time for selling products where the tubes look all the same, not so easy when you can’t see, to people who’re not really interested. Also, the projects I’m working on will bring a more regular monthly income which is what I need.


I’m glad I tried being an FLP distributor though, because every life experience teaches you somethings about yourself that you can bring forward. I’ve had some great sales experiences and met some lovely people and those are positive things. I’ll probably stay away from network marketing for the rest of my life. Not just because it’s not my preferred way of working, but because of the cult like vibes to those companies and I’m not big on cults.