Corporate brand ambassadour deals should be more available to street artists

When I read that David Adeleke, AKA Davido had signed a deal with Pepsi, to be one of its ambassadours, I was not really surprised. After all, he’s a popular artist. But it got me thinking, what about the street artists? Why don’t Pepsi and other brands sign more deals with them?


It makes sense why different brands choose somebody who has an established brand to represent them, because of sales numbers etc. And sometimes artists who are not born from money get signed which is good. But I wish there was more of that. One thing I have learned in the music industry, and not just the Nigerian one, is that you really need money to make money. Not that you always have to pay extortionate promo costs, but photo shoots, studio time, video making will cost something. It may not completely burst your budget, but you have to invest if you don’t have someone to invest in you. And there are popular street artists out there who could benefit a lot more than those wealthy born ones from a Pepsi deal. Pepsi could also benefit. Many artists are popular, but not visible in the media because they lack money. But any corporate  brand ambassadour deal could change that.


So if I ruled the world, or at least the music industry, I would make such deals more easily available to artists who need more exposure and economic help. It would be a step to make a fairer industry.

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