Liebster Award Nomination!

Receiving recognition from people in one of your fields feels good. Last night, my blog was nominated for the Liebster award by my good friend and fellow blogger
Gemma Tutu
Thankyou Gem!

My knowledge of the German language is very limited, but I know liebster means something like darling, sweetheart and so even the name of this award is quite encouraging.

How it works:
Liebster is not a physical award. It’s more of a recognition thing in the blogging community. I was very encouraged by mine though nonetheless, and I hope my nominees will too. I’ll be answering ten questions from Gemma, and then nominate ten blogs I enjoy reading.

I’ll let my nominees know that they’ve been nominated and give them a link to this post. They then have to nominate five to ten blogs and answer 10 questions I’ll put to them. Oh, and the nomination has to be presented on the post. Either as a picture, title or both. It’s a chain and I’m not a fan of chains. But I like how this promote writing you love as well as havin your own writing promoted. But it’s ofcourse up to my nominees if they will accept the award or not.

So let’s get started on these questions Gemma gave me:

1. When did you start your blog?
I started my blog in 2011. I blogged before then, but wasn’t satisfied with my blogs, so kept deleting them after a year.
2. What topics do you write about?
My blog started as a blog about blindness. However, I have progressed to write abou other topics that matters to me, such as my work, Nigerian culture and anything else that’s on my mind.
3. What tips do you have to share with others who want to start blogging?
Just write. Your posts don’t have to be long and complicated. As you keep blogging, you will feel more comfortable with it. Also, be consistant if you want a bigger readership. Try to blog at least once a week. I’ve not been so good at this always. And lastly, blog about things you have passion for. Either things you know about, or things you want to explore. Passion shines through in a post and make the blog a lot more interesting to read.
4. What are 3 interesting facts about yourself?
I’m the only Afrobeat singer of European descent signed in Nigeria
I’ve written a yet unpublished novel. It ran as a serial on the blog, but I have updated and edited it since then to improve the story.
I am fascinated with the mafia.
5. What are your hobbies?
I’m interested in other cultures. Particularly African and Caribbean cultures. I am also into cooking, fitness and nutrition. I don’t see writing as a hobby per se, because I treat it like work. But I love reading books, learning languages.
6. How often do you write?
I try to write every week. Though it’s only this year I’ve done that successfully. Before, my writing was more sporadic. Not because I didn’t care about the blog, but other projects got in the way. Ok, as well as laziness. I’ll admit that.
7. What has been your best blog post?
My most popular one has been the one about how to attract blind people. It’s even been published on a few other sites. As for which one I think is my best one, I can’t say. They’re all my babies.
8. What are your goals for your blog?
My hope is to educate sighted people on blindness related issues. Or in other words, try to normalize blindness so blind people are received more equal in all aspects of society. I also want to make people think and laugh and keep them entertained. I hope one day to be published by Huffington Post.
9. What did you want to be when you were younger?
I wanted to be what I am now. A singer and writer. Those dreams never changed, though I was side tracked for a few years.
10. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Creative, ambitious and fun.

Here are the blogs I love to read, in no particular order. As you can see, these are ten very different blogs. I like variety and blogs from where I can learn and be challenged.
1. Where’s your dog?
2. Lauren Henley
3. White Naija Girl
4. Chidinma Inspirations
5. TheAfricaYouwontSeeOnTV
6. Blind girl moments
7. Erywon Yeahmen
8. A Fulani-Nigerian in Britain
9. The Outlook from here
10. Diary of an exotic escort

Finally, the questions for those I nominated

1. What does blogging mean to you?
2. What was the hardest topic you blogged about and why?
3. How often do you write?
4. If you could feature on anybodyæs blog, who would it be and why?
5. Your favourite blogger e-mails you to ask for a guest post. Who is it? And why that blogger?
6. What are your goals for your blog?
7. How do you feel after having published a post?
8. What do you do besides blogging?
9. What did you want to become when you were little?
10. Mention three interesting facts about yourself.

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