Finding Fela

Well, I can’t really talk about Femi, without talking about Fela.

The Felabrations are in full swing, particularly in Nigeria. But other Fela fans around the world are also doing their bit to celebrate this very complex legend.

Apart from creating music that certainly transports me into another world, Fela Anikulapo Kuti was a political activist who got arrested pretty much every time he released a new single, because he criticised the government.

The current president Buhari, even through him in Jail back in the 80s when he was a dictator.

Despite tmarrying 28 wives (27 of them at the same time), he was also fighting for women’s rights and Funmilayo Kuti, his mother, was the first woman in Nigeria to drive a car.

In short. You think you get Fela, but then you don’t. that’s certainly how I feel. And though everything he did wasn’t wise, I admire that he always followed his heart and gave every cause he worked for his absolutely all.

His music has inspired and is still inspiring great artists such as Paul McCartny, Michael Jackson and Alicia Keys as well as Nigerian acts like Wizkid.

Fela is such a complex and interesting character that describing him is difficult. I don’t think there’ll ever be someone quite like him.

For the Felabrations here in Oslo, I went to a screening of Finding Fela, a lovely film everyone should watch. Whether you know fela or not.

‘RIP Fela. May your soul be united with your loved ones.

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