Trust yourself

When you’re a professional singer, you find that you’ve managed to land a couple of other bi-jobs as well.

The two most important jobs I have when I’m out there representing is talk good and look good.

Talking has never really been an issue for me. I’m a trained journalist after all. And I also have a big mouth. My dad has said many times that if I’m out of career options, I’d probably get rich selling sand in Sahara.

Looking good is harder. Not looking good as in keeping fit, clean, smell good and make sure you wear the kind of clothes and makeup that best brings out your natural beauty.

Finding those clothes and that makeup however is a little bit harder when you can’t see, but you learn.

Now, I can easily feel what kind of clothes I can wear, and what makes me look cheap, fat or like a blind person who has no clue what she’s put on.

With makeup too, I’m starting to get a pretty good idea. I know that although my skin overtone is fair, my undertone is brown. So pink makeup doesn’t make sense while cold reds and browns do.

The difficult part comes when I’m going out to select those clothes and makeup. Most blind chicks will tell you that they have one main trusted person or maybe two or three, who they can buy clothes and makeup with. That trusted person will make sure the colours are right and that they complement you rather than nonplement you.

There’s nothing wrong in shopping alone. However, unless the sales person knows you well, she or he can get things wrong even if they don’t mean too. I can’t count the number of sales people who have tried to sell me pink blushers!

For this reason, I also hate working with new makeup artists. But that’s a topic for another post.

The danger of having one trusted person is that they will, to a certain extent dictate how you look. Within your own style of course.

That in turn leads you to question anything you buy with a slightly less trusted person. And in my case, I’ve found that if my main trusted person don’t like what I bought, I tend to let it hang in my wardrobe for a couple of years before I give it to charity.

I’m not the only blind chick who does this. And I’ve had conversations where either I or a friend is completely down because “that dress was amazing but so and so said the colour is wrong”.

A question that also goes through a blind chick’s mind at that time is: Who is lying? Your main trusted person, or the one you bought the dress with?

It’s of course not that black and white. Because people have different tastes and different opinions on everything.

After a particularly upsetting episode where my before main trusted person said something about a clothing item I really liked, I decided that although it’s good to have one, two or three trusted people, they should never be allowed to dictate what you wear.

If somebody has told me I look good in something, and that is someone I trust, even if it’s not my number one go to for clothes shopping, I will wear it if I like it.

And. I’ve also learned that it’s cool to change your style even if you can’t see.

A couple of years ago, singlets and cardigans took up a huge space in my wardrobe. You’d be hard pressed to find me dressed like that now. And you know what? It was me who changed my style because I felt like a change. Not someone else.

Take charge of your looks today. Have your trusted person(s) but ultimately go with your gut instinct and use them as a guide only.

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