Music career update

Apart from writing ghost stories, I have been quite busy in the first half of 2015 and I realize I actually haven’t written anything about my actual life for a long time. I didn’t do a 2014 summary either, because my 2014, which had been a year of mostly highs, ended in a bit of a mess with my record label disolving. I was simply too tired to write about anything at all.

But things are looking a lot better now. I am part of a new record label Sweetlife and I’m enjoying being signed to them because I’ve never had this degree of artistic freedom. I am also much more part of the whole process when it comes to musical projects. I’m not just recording and doing videos, but I am getting hands on with a lot more stuff such as PR and other behind the scenes work.

Some of the highlights of my, still quite young music career, has been to work with two of my favourites in the Nigerian music industry, Selebobo and Emma Nyra.

I have also been nominated for the Nigerian Entertainment awards (NEA) for Diaspora artist of the year. And so in a couple of months, I’ll be going to the ceremony in New York City. A place I’ve always wanted to visit.

I’m grateful for all the support I’ve received on all continents. I’m grateful for all the haters too. As I always say, use your haters as your elevators. Having people who take time out to trash everything from my skin colour to my teeth is also giving me recognition.

If you have some money to spare, I have three available songs on iTunes.
Anything for love
African Beauty

You can also subscribe to my
Youtube channel

2 thoughts on “Music career update

  1. I downloaded two of your videos and I must say I love them. Your pidgin is good too! Seriously it will take watching your song with Emma for one to believe it was actually sang by a white.
    What do you have to say about the Nigerian hospitality?

    1. Thanks Maiah 🙂
      About the Nigerian hospitality, I would say that everybody I have met, have been very welcoming and eager to make me feel comfortable. I like the fact that there’s no pressure to always eat or drink, but that I’m usually being offered something. I also find Nigerians easy and fun to party with as they like a good time. And they’re very generous.

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