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An open letter to Yahoo boys (that they probably won’t care about)

Dear Yahoo boys,

Why are you doing what you’re doing? Okay, I know it’s to make money, but honestly, isn’t there a better way of doing that than praying on the emotions of innocent people?

I know a lot of you do it because you think people in the west are ridiculously wealthy compared to you. Of course, most westerners will have the equivalent of millions of naira in their bank accounts. But have you any idea how much living costs in the west? And did you know your vitims sometimes ends up taking out bank loans in order to give you money?

Money aside though, the reason I have complete disregard for you all, is that you pray on emotions of people to get rich. And you know exactly who to attack as well. Most of the time at least. Your preferred victims are often middle aged women and men who are either single, divorced, or otherwise lonely. People who perhaps no better, but who still get drawn in by your loveletters downloaded online and who, because they crave the company and affection only a lover can give them, choose to believe in your nonsense stories about sick relatives or gold smuggling.

You may laugh at them when your scamshift is over, or while you’re wooing them, because you think they’re stupid or desperate. But haven’t everyone at some point been desperate to be loved and acknowledged by somebody?

Some of you are very clever. And you probably have big houses in great locations as a result of your yahoo activities. The “ridiculously” wealthy person you scammed, may now be paying back loans they took out because you prayed on their emotions to feed your own greed,.How does this make you feel? Imagine you were the victim, or someone you knew. Would you have any sympathy at all for someone like yourself? Probably, in the position you are in now, you would and that’s very sad.

Poverty or not. There is no excuse for doing what you’re doing. Even rubbish collectors and toilet cleaners have more dignity than you.

Yahooboy hater.