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Blindness is NOT an imperfection!

My first single Let’s go party is out! I can’t quite believe it’s happened. But it’s on music blogs all over Nigeria, even Ghana and people have been sharing my video from Norway to England to Australia. It will soon be available on iTunes and other digital platforms, but I’ll announce that when it happens.

This is the least serious of my songs. And what you will hear from me in the future will sound less pop, and more, hmm, serious is not the right word, but never mind. You’ll hear it when it comes. Still, this is my first baby and I’m very proud of it. The song puts me in a good mood and will hopefully do the same to you.

My dream has really come true and this is just the very tip of the iceberg. The only bad thing I feel deserves a mention, is how the music blogs talk about me. Firstly they state my blindness. Fair enough. But then they go on to say that “She has always had a passion for singing and performing despite her imperfection”.

I don’t know about you. But this is both insulting and patronizing. Why, first of all, does blindness have to be called an imperfection? It’s at times an inconvenience, but imperfection?!

And why should I have a passion for singing and performing DESPITE this so called imperfection?
I don’t know if this is a cultural matter. But I do wish that whoever fed the bloggers my bio wouldn’t have added that bit. Or, I wish at least, that the bloggers would have the presence of mind not to include it in the brief. But I blame whoever wrote the brief. It was nasty and hurtful and a stinging insult. It forces me to speak up about blindness and how positive I am, when instead, I would have liked to let my personality and character speak for itself on those matters.

And I believe that the pending interviews and promoting I’ll be doing in the months to come will show people that there is no imperfection and no despite of. And the brief writer’s words will be an empty patronizing echo from the past.

But, I am happy. I am grateful for having the opportunity to work with my music and release it, despite the imperfection of the press brief. (See what I did there?)

In case your sight is as bad as mine, I can tell you that the video is a dance video shot on a boat in Lekki which is a very beachy area of Lagos. In one scene, I’m on a bed, but in the others I’m dancing at a party. I’m mostly sitting down. There are lots of people around. Men and some video chicks. The latter are all over my singing partner Lace. I don’t have that much male attention, but that will change in my next video. I have been assured though that I look very elegant in a black and white short dress and big straw hat.

You can listen and watch here:

Love letter to my future husband

I don’t know who he might be yet, but this is for him.

Lucky me. I’m married to you. My best friend. I thought I’d never ever find someone like you. I’ve kissed many I thought were princes who only turned out to be frogs. But you were different.

We never started out as lovers… We were friends. I even used to talk to you about other girls and other relationships. And you advised me when I had man problems. Then one day, it just happened. It’s hard to say exactly when. Maybe after having sat up nights in a row talking about everything and nothing. Or maybe it was when we were jamming together. It doesn’t matter. It happened and my best friend became my boyfriend, fiancé and husband.

I love you because you allow me to be who I am. You confide in me, coming to me with dilemmas from your working life, or your friendships. My opinions matter to you as yours matter to me.

I love you, because you never make me feel alienated or lonely. Sure. We both have busy lives due to the careers we chose. But you always set aside time for us. And you keep my happiness and wellbeing a high priority, which makes doing the same for you so easy and enjoyable.

I love you, because you don’t strive for me to become an obedient and submissive wife and baby making machine. You see me as your ally, and equal. You understand how important my career is to me and I know that when the babies do come, you will be helping me out as much as you possibly can. You’ll be a great dad our children will be proud of.

I don’t like arguing with you. But I love how I feel that on the few occasions it happens I am safe in the knowledge that we’ll make up quickly. Either by one of us making the other laugh by cracking a stupid joke, or offering to do something the other will appreciate. (You have become excellent at brewing my tea by the way.)

I love you because with you, my world is a better world and I am a better person. You bring out the best in me and you accept the things about me that I dislike but cannot change.

As cheesy as it is, I’ll quote John Legend when I say that what I love about you are “your perfect imperfections”.

Lucky me. I have you.