Write me your picture, don’t send me your photo

“He isn’t good enough for you.” That has sometimes been friend’s verdicts when I have excitedly told them about my latest potential love interest. “How do you know he isn’t good enough? Have you met him? In which case, tell me everything you know.” I reply in my head. Because, in most cases, they don’t know him. They have seen his photo and they make judgments based on one split second in his life time. He, whoever he may be, is not good enough for me because he doesn’t look good enough.

There is a similar problem with dating sites. If people don’t like your picture, they won’t respond to your messages, or click on your profile. What’s that all about? Seriously?

I personally get discouraged when friends say that somebody isn’t good enough for me based on the photo. The photo doesn’t convey manners, a nice voice, good writing skills and a sense of humour. Besides, not everyone is photogenic.

I wish people could just meet each other before they reserved any judgment on whether somebody is good for somebody else. Let them judge on personality rather than a photo.

This is why I wish there was a dating site out there which could have a tag line such as Write me your picture, don’t send me your photo.

The idea is that the site would be free from all pictures and you could only click on profiles you liked the writing of. Then, when you started talking, it would be text and voice chat options. And when you had been chatting for say six weeks and still got on famously, there would be the possibility of seeing the picture and even meet up.

The concept isn’t entirely my idea. In the Ghanaian movie Perfect Picture, which I’m more than a little obsessed about, there is a concept like that, where they chat for six weeks before meeting. Exchanging of phone numbers and emails are discouraged before meeting up.

I don’t know how popular such a dating site would be. But I know both blind and sighted people who wouldn’t mind not disclosing their pictures too early in getting to know somebody.

I’ve been putting it out there now. And I can only hope my idea won’t be stolen. If you do, please credit me and expect me to become your competitor one sweet day when I launch it!

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