Monthly Archives: November 2013

feeling bad?

Earlier this week, I had an interesting conversation with a fellow journalist in a student café. We talked about many things, but one subject I found particularly fascinating, was the subject of feeling bad.

In this day and age, we are almost obliged to feel bad about something or rather. And if we don’t, we should feel bad about not feeling bad.

If you don’t hit the gym for a month because you’re busy, you should feel bad. If you had one too many snacks on a particular day, feel bad. If you didn’t have energy to socialize after a long day of studying, feel bad. If you aren’t doing voluntary work or give money to charity, feel bad.

Going to the gym, not snacking too much and giving money to charity are all good things. But society does put a pressure on us as individuals to always perform, be perfect and have energy to do everything.

What I am learning, slowly but surely, is that nobody is going to kill me if I commit some of these “deadly sins” mentioned above. But, I still struggle with not feeling bad, something I feel bad about.

Well, you’ve got to laugh really at that last sentence. And at least laughing makes you feel good. Right?