10 reasons why we love geeky guys and think you should too

Disclaimer: If you have no sense of humour, go read something else. 

«How do you draw so many geeks?” My friend Elisabeth and I were sifting through my Facebook photos to delete the very ugliest ones of yours truly and peaking a little at different people on my profile while we were at it. “I don’t know,” I replied. I thought quietly for a little while before adding. “Perhaps because geeks are interesting and I prefer them to mainstream people.” She laughed and I continued, also laughing, “The geeky men are perfect to date.”

I know geek is a word that has negative connotations. But first of all, geek is a compliment coming from me, or rather us. I don’t refer to the overweight guys who drink coke, never wash and spend their time hacking. No. Geeks are people who are not afraid of being different, doing their own thing. Not always follow the crowd. And because these people tend to be original, which technically is a better word for them, they have nerdy tendencies whether it is an extreme obsession with comic books, ancient history or classical music.

We put together a list of why geeky guys are great to date and we had so much fun putting it together that I thought it needed to be shared. Needless to say, we are a little, if not a lot, geeky ourselves.

1. They ask intelligent questions.
2. They don’t run when you ask intelligent questions.
3. Their comments and reflections show that they’re intelligent people who THINK!
4. They don’t run when you intelligently reply to something they said.
5. You don’t have to explain your hobbies. They are likely to have hobbies that are even stranger than yours.
6. They don’t try to change you. They are, individual and original and appreciate the same thing in you. That’s probably why they approached you in the first place.
7. They assume that you’re intelligent too, meaning you don’t have to prove it.
8. Their sense of humor might be as weird as yours.
9. Their world picture might have some resemblance to yours. There is so much more to the world than the latest in…… EVERYTHING!
10. No competition: Only you know how fantastic they are and the mainstream girls don’t know what they are missing, because they only go for mainstream guys.

So, no to bog standard mainstream fellas, and a big YES!! To the geeky fellas. We love you! Mwaaahh!!

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