Thought of the day

I feel very fortunate to live in a global age. I am born in a tiny little country on top of the world, yet I consume food and music from all over the world, know people from many different places, speak a few different languages and I get to travel. I think having had a very International upbringing has given me a lot in terms of who I am. I like to think I am able to see issues from different perspectives and apply different kinds of thinking into solving problems which I have learned from interaction with people from all over the world. Both face to face, via the internet and through what I have learned through other kinds of media.

I like the slight unpredictability globalization has had on my life. Seven years in Britain has certainly made me a different person to what I’d have been had I never left. And a lot of that time, I lived in an African Caribbean community from which I have adopted a bit of culture too. We also lived in Malaysia for a few years. I think the culture you grow up in, creates a pair of “glasses” determining how you look at the world. I am grateful that my “glasses” have such wide lenses and that with time; they will probably widen even more. I am a proud Internationalist!

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