Monthly Archives: January 2013

The Kindness of Friends and strangers

Yesterday was rather traumatic for me. I was, funnily enough, on my way to the doctor. Just for a general consultation, but walking from the subway to her office, I slipped, fell off the icy subway platform and flew backwards down onto the tracks. It happened so fast, it took me a while to realize I was lying in some awkward position somewhere dangerous. People were calling down to me to ask if I was ok. My voice didn’t come out and because of the impact of the fall and because of my very awkward position, I couldn’t move. A man jumped down to me and lifted me up and a girl stood ready to receive me so that he could climb up. I was unharmed, but in pain from the fall and I was in shock too. The girl offered to take me to the doctor’s office and the man also accompanied us. I was laughing quite hysterically and making fun of how clumsy I was while trying to hold a polite conversation with my rescuers.
At the doctor’s I got painkillers from the fall and she pressed my sore points with her hands to see how I reacted. We both agreed I should come back for an x-ray if I got worse, but that I was ok to go home and rest there and then. They were so kind to me at the doctor’s. A nurse took time out from her work to take me to the pharmacy so I could get my painkillers and she took me back to the subway. Why I didn’t insist on taking a cab, is a mystery to me, but I guess it was the adrenalin speaking. I somehow got home and place myself on the couch. I didn’t want to be alone, so I called a good friend, a girl I’ve known since highschool who came over. She’s one of very few people I like having around when I’m not well and I’ve sat by her hospital bed countless times because she’s often in hospital due to her disability which is not the same as mine. I think having her around helped me relax because I think I was still a little shocked.
Today I am feeling battered all over, and I will probably have to pop pills in the next few days. I’m going away to Monaco tomorrow which I’m very much looking forward to, except sitting in a plane in my state, but I’ll manage.

I’ve learned two important things from this experience.
1. I do really hate the Norwegian winter and all winters elsewhere where it gets icy!
2. The most important thing though, is that most people are kind and willing to help in serious situations.
I dare not think what would have happened if the subway had come, or if there hadn’t been any people to help me up. I am so glad I am alive. And I am going nowhere near a subway in the next few days!