Meet Romeo

They say that you learn something new every day. This month, I have learned about a new kind of man. New is perhaps not the right word, because this kind of man has existed since men could be called men I guess. But this month, I became aware of this kind of man. I should give him a name so that I don’t have to write “This kind of man” every time. I am going to call him Romeo. Why? Read on and you shall see.

Romeo is handsome. Of course he is handsome. He wouldn’t be Romeo if he wasn’t handsome. He can be blond, dark, black, white, Latino, Asian, it doesn’t matter really, but he is so handsome that looking at him almost hurts the eye. No, he is not movie star handsome. He does not possess that sickly boy band looks, meaning just pretty and no character. No. Everyone of Romeo’s features have character. A peculiarity perhaps that gives the pretty boy face an interesting twist, such as a Roman nose, or eye brows that would look too thick on anyone else. Or it could be that he has many features that despite not being perfect in themselves create a breath taking symmetry.

Romeo’s eyes are magical. They don’t only reflect his great wisdom and intelligence, but they tell his life story, mirror yourself as the most beautiful woman who ever walked the earth, give you a sensation that they read your inner thoughts and pierce right through your soul. No matter what colour they are, Romeo’s eyes are always like that.

Romeo has a nice, no wait, and explicitly lovely voice. It can be deep and soothing, or a little higher and cheerful. It’s still the kind of voice you could listen to forever while gazing into his handsome face and beautiful intelligent eyes.

Romeo smells so good, that all you want to do is to draw closer to draw in his scent of Hugo Boss, coco butter, Giorgio Armani, or whatever he is wearing.

Romeo’s body is perfection. Tall and thin, shorter and more muscular, it’s always perfect. He is never too thin, never too fat and his skin is always nice too. Romeo can even be Romeo if he happens to be a little hairy. You can’t help but imagine what he would look like dressed in shorts and with the upper body bare and gleaming of oils, accentuating the perfection in his proportions.

Romeo is intelligent. He is perhaps a university lecturer or a PHD student. He might be a journalist who produces hard hitting documentary which has put his life in danger. No matter what he does, he is always highly educated and even if you don’t want to, you can’t help but admire him.

But Romeo is not only intelligent. He has a social IQ which is so high that he need only take one look at a person to know how to behave around them. Because of this, he will make you feel like a real beauty even if you know you’re not. He will make you feel special and being around him will probably make you feel happy, excited and a little important. When you are with Romeo, you are a winner. You can take on the world and your world is without limits.

Romeo is charming. You just can’t help but being charmed by him even if you try hard not to be. He knows what to say and when to say it, and because he has used his social intelligence to realize that you hate sweet talkers, he doesn’t do that. He converses in a very intelligent way

Romeo’s life is interesting. There is always something going on which makes you feel a little boring in comparison.

Romeo has a lot of friends. Most of them are women. Most of them have fallen hopelessly for him, like you, and are either current flirts or ex flirts who haven’t yet realized they are exes. You hate all the stuff his female friends write on his facebook wall because, despite your best efforts, you have joined the Romeo fan club. You also realize that the kinds of women who surround him are women you probably never measure up to. They are famous documentary makers, artists, writers, professors, or musicians. Mind you, they are not all famous, but no matter what you yourself have done in life, they are competition and might always make you feel lesser than them.

Romeo is not a calculating player. However, his good looks, charms and intelligence have positioned him well in life. He may not be the one to two/time a woman, but will have many women who all think they are the one without him never having said so. Romeo does fall for women and want to settle down eventually, but there is just so much to do. Another long voyage to set out on, another scientific discovery to make and he just can’t, not now. Romeo has feelings like the rest of us. He has up days and down days. But his brilliance is always made known to him by his many female fans. A glance across the street, a comment on an obscure Facebook status that would be stupid if it wasn’t for the fact that Romeo had written it, a coffee with a female friend whom he suspects, or knows, is crazy about him.

Romeos. There might not be many of them, you’re damned if you meet one. Let’s hope you are lucky enough to recognize a Romeo so you can save yourself the heart ache following in his wake.

4 thoughts on “Meet Romeo

  1. Guys like the one you describe here never appealed to me. Maybe too much competition. Maybe I needed to work too hard to get his attention. More often I met guys who knew how to turn on the charm when it suited them to have some company, but when you needed them for something, they were never available. They didn’t have tons of women hanging on at one time, but they knew how to reel you in or another susceptible woman when they needed you. It sucked. You seem to be describing a man who is very accomplished and magnetic, attracting much female attention, but not turning on the charm to just attract one particular woman, more like women in general. There are certainly tons of men who adore lots of female attention and seem more comfortable with women than hanging out with other men.

    The type of man that a woman wants often depends on their age. What you want as a very young man might be fun and romance. My husband was amazed at the response he got on a hiking trip from the female hikers when he told them that he would bring me home coffee on his way home from the gym in the mornings. He thought women wanted flowers and candy and that I was strange because all I wanted was not to have to get dressed and go out in the cold to get coffee, Now I have a cappuccino machine at home so that service is no longer needed (lol), but my point is that what is important is to have someone who can give to you. You don’t want a relationship where you constantly searching for signs that the guy likes you or competing with everything else for his attention. You want to feel certain with him. Not that he is always patient and giving, but that there is giving on the part of both partners.


    1. Your husband sounds lovely! I mean, I’d prefer coffee any day to flowers and candy. But like you I too have a machine. I’d much prefer a home made dinner by a man than any five star restaurant, or a home written poem rather than a bag of candies that will di

      I have come across the type of man you are talking about too, but I always managed to see right through them, so those men never got anywhere with me. With the Romeo type, it’s different because their charm is consistant and they are well educated.
      Personally, a man much younger than 30 would bore me as I personally prefere men with either ahigh education or many years working as a professional. Romeo men appeal to me both because they tend to have those qualities and perhaps also because I am extremely competative, which is both good and bad. I like men who challenge me. Apart from that massive flaw the type of man I described has, he pssesses the qualitisesI find the most attractive.

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