We want quick fixes

Many of us have been guilty of doing this at some point. Typing something we know the answer to into a search engine and browsed the results to find something we like. Afterwards, we delete the cookies so that nobody saw what we just googled. The sort of things I am talking about are topics like: “How can I get over my break-up quickly?” Can I get slim without dieting and exercising?” “How to make money from my bedroom” “How do I get famous?”

I admit most of those are quite shallow, but if there was a way to get the star body by doing no work, or chill in a stressless while the money poored into your account, I am sure a lot of the world’s population would grab the advice like hungry hyenas.

And some people really are trying. Never before have their been as wide a variety of self help books on every subject under the sun as there is now.

I have not read many such books myself, but I have been guilty of googling some topics…. And usually, what I find is sound good advice. The answers I would have given to a friend who would have asked me the same thing.

The sad thing is that by writing books which often state the obvious, or obtaining answers and advice through other means such as paid websites, life coaching etc, people are losing money over reinforcing their sound knowledge.

There is no way to get over a break-up in 5 minutes. You have to put in effort to make money unless you win the lottery or have lots of stocs. And you need to move about to get a star body. You know these things as do I. But as human beings of today, we can’t help searching to try find that rare piece of knowledge which will give us quick fix results.

Of course, I am not talking about people who have problems and need serious counseling. Just the average Joe.

I could have written more, but I’m off to search for some advice on how I can be in bed within the next 10 seconds, teeth brushed and pajamas on. so sweet dreamies!:)

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