10 things I used to believe as a child

Children believe the strangest of things. But somehow their reasoning for believing them at least sometimes seems logical. I was no different, so read on and giggle at things little Linn used to believe.

1. It’s in the newspaper, so of course it’s true!
2. 2. If you broke the TV screen and crawled in, you too could take part in the action. /with radio this was harder, because you needed to be a very small person to fit in that box.
3. A hore is a person who sells their body on the street, so they carry around operating tools so that when someone needs a kidney or a lung, the hore pops it out and sells it. (I wonder where I picked up the word hore.)
4. Gold is the remainder of the bits of sun which fall to the ground.
5. Everything can be copied in the photo copier. It’s called a copying machine in Norwegian, so I didn’t get the photo bit. \Living creatures though, could not be copied, just things.
6. That certain toys had magic powers and shouldn’t be played with unless you needed to make a wish.
7. If you boiled pancake mix, it became porridge.
8. Sleep was a scary man who came to take me every night, but always delivered me safely in bed in the morning, so maybe he wasn’t so scary? He definitely war a black cloak and hood though.
9. Food had feelings too. And if one biscuit should be eaten, it would like it better if its best friend got eaten too. This was the same for all foods.
10. A friend in primary school managed to trick me into believing she had removed the appendix of a lady bug.
Despite all this, I turned out alright. Can you believe it?

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