We’re like cakes in a sense.

I have never been a big fan of chain e-mails telling you all sorts of crap like “If thou do not obey immediately and forward this straight away, thou shalt be inflicted with unspeakable harm all thy days.” But some of those chain e-mails contain quite good stories and for that reason, I take out the chain aspects of them and forward them on to somebody who will appreciate the story.

One such e-mail was entitled God’s cake and the basic message in it was that in order to make a good cake, its imperative to include the different ingredients. Eggs, flour or baking powder may not taste good in their raw form or by themselves, but you can’t make a proper cake by just including the sugar, coco, icing, butter and sprinkles. They all taste nice, but they wouldn’t make a finished product. And we are like that cake. Having just good experiences in your life will never form you as an individual and therefore God use any bad experience you may have in the recipe of making your character, or to make you become like that amazing cake.

The e-mail made a big impression on me. So much so that even though I received it over three years ago at least, I still reflect on those words. And cheesy as it may sound, I have to stop every now and again and thank God for every hard time I’ve managed to come through with my good spirits and whits intact. Yes, a couple of things have scarred me probably for life, but like baking powder which tastes yucky (someone dared me to try it when I was little) the way those things have influenced my life have given me certain truths and wisdom I wouldn’t and couldn’t have obtained otherwise.

So I’m grateful for being a cake! I hope it’s either lemon or white chocolate and raspberry coz they’re my favourites. Mmmmm.

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