My 60 seconds idea to improve the world.

Among my favourite podcasts from the BBC World Service, is one called “60 seconds to improve the world” which is part of a programme called The Forum.

The concept is very easy. every week, one of the participants of The Forum which can be anyone from doctors and anthropologists to writers and musicians, has to present their idea which they think will improve the world in exactly 60 seconds. Afterwards, the pros and cons of the idea is being discussed by the other participants and presenter of the program and listeners can contribute via social networks.

I’ve heard many brilliant ideas listening to this and decided to come up with my own starting now:

I have heard people of all beliefs who have had to forgive someone who has done something bad to them say that it always makes them feel better in the end although it can be hard to do. Especially if that person kidnapped and murdered their child.

My idea of improving the world therefore, is that we have a monthly international day of forgiveness which everyone had to participate in. Say, the first Friday of the month for at least 10 minutes, everyone should sit down and reflect on who or what they’d had to let go of in order to improve their peace of mind.

It wouldn’t have to be big things, but any little situation which made you feel hostile towards someone. We all get annoyed with people on a regular basis for one reason or another.

And if forgiving someone in a 10 minutes reflection period would be too hard, at least starting off doing this exercise would inevitably be a small step in the right direction.

A monthly day of forgiveness could help diminishing or solving conflict, give individuals peace of mind and promote love.

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